Sonia Sebastian is an award-winning director from Spain based in Los Angeles best known for her feature film “De Chica en Chica” (Amazon) and “Freelancers Anonymous (Full Spectrum Features).”
She directed “Me too” the first episode of “Undetectable” a TV online series and three TV Series: “Everything is possible in the basement,” “Brothers in Law” and “Aqui me las den todas” for Spain’s most popular TV networks. She also produced the feature film, “Cuidate de Mí” which premiered at the prestige Malaga Film Festival.
She was the showrunner, writer, and director of the Spanish TV show “Girl Seeks Girl,” who was released on DVD and online in the US.
Her work has been recognized with multiple nominations and awards including the prestigious Valle-Inclan Award, and numerous “Best of” recognition and citations.